Before completing the Application Request Form, please make sure you review the Program Admission Information about the application process. Once K9 Guardians receives your request form, it will be reviewed to determine if we can train an assistance dog to meet your needs. Please note that completing the Application Request Form does not guarantee acceptance into the K9 Guardians program.

Applicants Legal Name *
Applicants Legal Name
Date of birth *
Date of birth
Primary Phone *
Primary Phone
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Address *
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Apartment/condo/townhouse/house etc
Dog food, yearly exam, shots, pet insurance, etc
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Please note DD214 with SSN removed will be required to process applciation
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
Emergency Contact Phone *
Emergency Contact Phone
Name of person completing this form: *
Name of person completing this form:
All information submitted is true to the best of my knowledge and I understand that if I have not been truthful my application may be revoked. *
I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Program Admission Information about the application process. *
I agree that if K9 Guardians deems necessary I will agree to a background check *
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Please note DD-214 member 4 copy, Dr letter, and essay on what a service dog would do/mean for you is required within 30 days of receipt of this application. If we do not receive these items your application will be put on hold and you will lose your spot in application process. We can not make a decision on your application until these are received. We will also need a video of your home and yard sent to us for our records. *
In some instances we can extend this term. Please communicate with us if you are having issues.